The Lost Files Of FIFA

With the news this year that PES would no longer exist and has been replaced by the brand new eFootball edition, it seems for the first time FIFA is in a league of its own. While many have always felt PES was in the shadow of EA’s FIFA titles, it has taken many editions for this defining moment in the eSports world, with the future potentially heading to free to play games with unlockable modes through in-app purchases.

We look back through the ages and take in the most memorable moments throughout the successful titles over the years.

The Golden Age

Where better a place to start, than the era of dominance for the FIFA titles. From FIFA 12 with ‘Wazza’ the headliner, to FIFA 14 with Lionel Messi as the poster boy, those three consecutive titles mark the greatest period for EA.

The introduction of Online Seasons, coupled with the improvements made to defending and the new dribbling features, meant the games had a new lease of life and utilised the advances in technology.

Looking back at the titles now, these editions perhaps were never given the recognition they deserved for their soundtracks, with many fans missing the indies and house bangers that were associated with these titles.

Modern Problems

Despite the advances in technology, the improvements in graphics, and the adoption of the new frostbite engine, the most recent titles haven’t been received as well as they should have by the gaming community.

While teething problems and major glitches have played a part, the introduction of game modes such as FUT Champs and The Journey have contributed to giving FIFA a comfortable edge over PES.

Had it not been for gameplay issues – that has pushed some in the FIFA community to dub the recent titles as unplayable – it would be scary to think how successful these editions could have gone on to be.

FIFA Street

A ground-breaking conception, inspired by the likes of Ronaldinho, the original edition of FIFA Street caused a whole generation to recreate audacious flicks and tricks on a football field.

It brought street football into the frame and brought originality to the franchise. While the future releases didn’t do well to build on from the original, the introduction of VOLTA on FIFA 20 caused many to reminisce.

The rainbow flicks, the showboating, sombrero flicks, all the different skill combos used to embarrass your opponent in the cages brought an element of real life, we played the game as if it was ourselves in the cages down the road.

FIFA World Cup

Perhaps the most iconic edition of the lot, FIFA 98, included the ‘Road to World Cup’ mode. The ability to play as any of the 172 FIFA registered nations was massive.

Countries who rarely feature on the game were able to be selected, giving immense pride and a great sense of culture to gamers from those nations.

2010 also saw the release of FIFA World Cup South Africa, again including the nations from across the globe. The game did well to capture the buzz around the historical World Cup.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 09 is remembered as one of the legendary releases, due to the introduction of Ultimate Team as a downloadable extension on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Across the years we’ll have memories of buying coins, destroying controllers because of a silver El Shaarawy, the MSN before MSN of Gervinho, Doumbia, and Ibarbo.

The game mode was and remains FIFA’s MVP, despite introducing the price caps, killing third party coin buying, the mode remained strong and was improved year on year by EA.

Pro Clubs

Arguably the best game mode known to man on FIFA. The Ballon D’or Winner voted by the streets. Pro Clubs introduced in FIFA 10 has been one of the most enjoyable moments since its inception.

Responsible for hours of rage, laughter, and destroying friendships, the game mode was a stroke of genius from those responsible at EA, the unlockable and customisation features provided something new to the titles.

Recently neglected, it remains to be seen how FIFA views this game mode and what methods they take in order to rejuvenate it, and propel its popularity.

This article was written by Buez Hadgu. To check out their other work click here or you can leave them a comment below.

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